It’s February, 14th, so...

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!

14 February 2017
Interactive parts. Horns

In the latest Crossout update 0.3.14 we are adding a number of new decor elements. These are interactive parts — ‘Horns’, each has its own unique sound and will further help you stand out on the battlefield.

24 January 2017
Best crafts of January

Crossout engineers are ready to share their visions of unique post-apocalyptic armoured vehicles. Recharge your inspiration and hurry to the garage to build your own iron steed.

13 January 2017
Winter sale

Winter has come to the wasteland, raiders are decorating Christmas trees, and in garages you can find discounts on the services of engineers!

23 December 2016
The legend of Martin - "Knight Riders"

Foreigners came - but where from? They are led - but by whom?

25 October 2016
Event announcement: "Knight Riders"

Major game event ‘Knight Riders’ is rampaging into Crossout bringing German Localization on its bumper!

19 October 2016

Today we are opening a new thread on the forum. This is a game thread. A puzzle thread. You too can try and ask the fortuneteller your question.

13 October 2016
Changes in the Validity of CBT Access Keys

A Closed Beta Test stage, important for the game development, goes on in our Crossout project since April. One of the ways to get access to testing the game on this stage has been getting a special CBT access key.

14 September 2016
Gift your friends with Crossout

We have great news for you! Now you can also purchase goods as gifts for your friends! For example, any unique packs of vehicles with access to the closed beta test of our favorite game.

6 August 2016
The Crossout Team at E3 2016

The Crossout team demonstrated the latest version of the game and shared further development plans.

1 July 2016