Weapons in Crossout. Part V - with developer's answers

Today we want to introduce you to a new type of weapon — the ‘Relic’. Parts of this rarity differ significantly from any other weapons in the game. At the moment, relic weapons are the most powerful, rare, and unusual.

24 May 2016
Game Market - with developer's answers

The “Market” in our project is a unique place, where players can sell any parts obtained in a battle or built with a workbench, at a price that they feel is right.

25 April 2016
Factions - Part II - with developer's answers

Developers will continue to share their diary entries, we’ve been telling about Factions lately, now that you know about Engineers and Lunatics it is time to find out more about other Factions like Traders and Scavengers.

15 February 2016
Factions - Part I - with developer's answers

Today we are going to look at some factions and this new system, that has only been available since the 3rd Battle-test. 

29 January 2016
Devblog: Vehicle Stats. Part II - with developer's answers

We continue our tour around the Crossout universe. As you may remember, the main topic of the last blog was the vehicle stats. The numbers which every survivor should revise before letting your imagination fly in editor mode. 

8 December 2015
Devblog: Vehicle Stats - with developer's answers

We continue sharing our developers diaries and accustoming you with game mechanics. Most games have some kind of unique feature, for Crossout, it is our vehicle constructor that lets you build a ride as powerful and appealing as it is.

27 November 2015
Weapons in Crossout. Part IV - with developer's answers

Today we will accustom you with the elite of Crossout’s weaponry, “Legendary” ordnance to be exact. Having top notch stats and looks like these would make you feel at home even in the most fierce post-apocalyptic conflicts.

30 October 2015
Weapons in Crossout. Part III - with developer's answers

We are getting ever closer to the peak of what craft masters can offer. Today we will enlighten you with epic weaponry.

23 October 2015
Weapons in Crossout. Part II

Last time we talked about Common weapons that can be earned in battle, featuring an average performance. Today, we introduce you to the Rare weapons, that are a level higher.

13 October 2015
Developer Q&A - Part III

Today we are sharing a new batch of answers to the most popular questions from the social networks and game forums.

9 October 2015

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