Get guaranteed access by purchasing an early access pack (or all of them) - each pack provides an exclusive vehicle and even more bonuses! Your purchased content will be available right away during Closed Beta, and you will get your content again when the Open Beta starts.
“Born to fly” pack
  • The “Iron Claw”, a unique, fast vehicle
  • Rare 20 mm Autocannon
  • Portrait “Air Shaman”
  • 1300 in-game coins ...
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“Midgar” pack
  • The “Fenrir”, a unique, heavy vehicle
  • Epic “25 mm Autocannon”
  • Portrait “Wotan”
  • 2000 in-game coins ...
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“Tramp” pack
  • The “Tramp”, a heavily-armored vehicle
  • Epic “88 mm Cannon”
  • Portrait “Survivor”
  • 3500 in-game coins ...
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